elliot humberto kavee   drums, cello

new york based drummer/cellist elliot humberto kavee's 2004-2005 season includes work with henry threadgill's zooid, myra melford's be bread, the rudresh mahanthappa quartet, dakshina ensemble and fieldwork, a trio he co-founded with aaron stewart and vijay iyer.

elliot humberto kavee specializes in new works for music and theater. he has performed/recorded new music with henry threadgill, joseph jarman, cecil taylor, francis wong, omar sosa,  steve coleman, don cherry, glenn horiuchi, ben goldberg, john tchicai, jon jang, tim berne, jon raskin, elliot sharp, myra melford, rudresh mahanthappa, vijay iyer and his own projects. a prolific recording artist, elliot has played on over 50 critically acclaimed recordings, including new recordings for henry threadgill's zooid, and the myra melford quartet. for his debut recording as a leader (on eliasound records) "he issued a noteworthy self-titled album that remarkably avoided the pitfalls of the solo format. not only did kavee make his skin and metallic percussion instruments sing by effecting a polytimbral/polyrhythmic approach, he further mixed up the program by doubling on cello. (yes: drums and strings, one player, at the same time.)"-sam prestianni. the cd appeared on three top-ten lists in the san francisco bay guardian's "best cds of 1997". in 1999, he did six solo concerts in new york, san francisco and france.  elliot humberto kavee was a musician, composer, musical director, actor and writer with the tony award-winning san francisco mime troupe for seven years, co-creating seven original musical plays about relevant political topics. he remains the only musical director in the group's 42 year history to win a dramalogue award. during the same period he was the drummer of choice among the bay area's most gifted creative musicians at the highpoint of the 90's san francisco new jazz scene. he co-led frame, a highly respected quartet with eric crystal, dave macnab and hillel familant. he was a percussionist, cellist and composer with the club foot orchestra; his work is featured in the score to g.w. pabst's pandora box (performed at the san francisco film festival and at lincoln center) and accompanying cbs' "the twisted tales of felix the cat". his collaboration with asian-american jazz pioneer francis wong has yielded over a dozen recordings and countless performances. as a founding member of the groundbreaking omar sosa sextet, kavee recorded five cds and toured the world several times over the past six years. currently based in brooklyn, kavee performs regularlarly at major jazz festivals throughout the world and at top clubs in new york city. 


HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID Poof (pi recordings)

HENRY THREADGILL 14 OR 15 KESTRA: AGG Dirt... And More Dirt (pi recordings)

HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID In for a Penny, In for a Pound (pi recordings) The 2016 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Music

HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp (pi recordings)

HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID This Brings Us To, Vol II (pi recordings)
HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID This Brings Us To, Vol I (pi recordings)

FIELDWORK Simulated Progress (pi recordings)
RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA QUARTET Mother Tongue (pi recordings)

MYRA MELFORD' AND BE BREAD the image of your body (cryptogramophone)
HENRY THREADGILL'S ZOOID stop, click, pop the tape (hardedge)

FIELDWORK Your Life Flashes (pi recordings)

OMAR SOSA Prietos (otá)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE full circle (eliasound) 
RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA the preserver (red giant)

ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE live in france (eliasound)
JOHN-CARLOS PEREA first dance (aerep music)
OMAR SOSA bembon (otá)
CRAIG HULET human all too human (k.c. & associates)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE live at the internet cafe (eliasound)
ELLIOT KAVEE/NATHAN HANSON here's how it happened (eliasound)

BONNIE BARNETT live at roulette (9 winds)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE robert is 40 (eliasound)
KAVEE/WONG QUARTET streams (asian improv/eliasound)
OMAR SOSA spirit of the roots (otá)
KAVEE/WONG/JON-CARLOS PEREA gathering of ancestors (asian improv) 
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE sangre (eliasound) 
DOUG YOKOYAMA identities (asian improv)

JASON ROBINSON From the Sun (circumvection)
ERIC CRYSTAL Dark Matter (red giant)
POISONOUS PROPHETS astrochromatic (red giant)
FRANCIS WONG Legends & Legacies (asian improv)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE elLIot kaVEe (eliasound)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE pariah (eliasound)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE white house tapes (eliasound)
GRAHAM CONNAH'S SOUR NOTE SEVEN gurney to the lincoln center of your mind (rastascan)
JEFF CHAN Winds Shifting (asian improv)
OMAR SOSA Free Roots (otá)
MIYA MASAOKA ORCHESTRA What is the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin? (victo)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE eavesdroppin' (eliasound) 
DAVE MAC NAB Dave Mac Nab (noir)

JON RASKIN QUARTET The Bass & The Bird Pond (new world)
MYLES BOISEN Scrambledisc (wiggle biscuit)
CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA plays nino rota (rastascan) 
ADAM THEIS revival kit (flying harold)
JESSICA JONES family (9 winds)
ELLIOT HUMBERTO KAVEE elliot humberto kavee (eliasound)
JOSEPH JARMAN/HORIUCHI/WONG pachinko dream track no.10 (music and arts)
GLENN HORIUCHI mercy (music and arts)
ALEX CANDELARIA sidewalk technicolor (evander)
GENNY LIM/FRANCIS WONG devotee (asian improv)
JOEL HARRISON range of motion (koch)
BEN GOLDBERG here by now (music and arts)
KAVEE/WONG duets 1 (asian improv/eliasound) 
SHELDON BROWN shifting currents (nepenthe)

BETH CUSTER in the broken fields where i lie (BC)
KAVEE/WONG/WILLIAM ROPER the lament of absalom (asian improv/eliasound)
JON JANG island: the immigrant suite no.1 (soul note)
VIJAY IYER memorophilia (asian improv)
GRAHAM CONNAH my god has fleas (rastascan)
FRAME frame (eliasound)

FRANCIS WONG pilgrimage (music and arts)
FRANCIS WONG ming (asian improv)
SUN RA TRIBUTE wavelenth infinity (rastascan)

CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA sherlock jr. (rastascan)

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