Pianist Vijay Iyer (Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Coleman) , Drummer Elliot Humberto Kavee (Henry Threadgill, Omar Sosa) and Saxophonist Aaron Stewart (Andrew Hill, Cecil Taylor) are Fieldwork: three New York City virtuosos who inspire and impel each other to play beyond their limits. Fieldwork's recipe? Design music you can't play and then work tirelessly until you can. Then do it again. The result is emotional, challenging, edgy, hard-hitting and intense; a music of cascades and torrents, riveting the listener´s undivided attention. Iyer, Stewart and Kavee have direct experience with music masters that have dominated four decades of creative jazz. That spark has impelled Fieldwork to explore the tradition from within, investigating their natures as creative artists, true to the source (the creative spirit and life itself) , working with  traditional  rhythm and improvisation systems from throughout the globe, contemporary urban dance grooves,  and an imaginative pallette of as-yet unlabled realms.

Their debut recording, Your Life Flashes (PI Recordings), is generating worldwide critical acclaim, national television exposure with an hour-long feature on BET, and a position on numerous Best of 2002 lists. Holding in the top 40 on CMJ for 6 weeks and counting, they are in rotation on radio stations  throughout the country.



Aaron Steinberg

"interactive serendipity... There's so much going on, you never miss the bass... the pieces are terse, spellbinding miniatures that never stand still."
Gary Giddins
Village Voice

"Fieldwork is doing an excellent job of immersing itself in the music's most primal and essential elements... If there is a defining element to Fieldwork's music, it is the exploration of rhythm in an intimate and intensely purposeful dialogue."
Steven Graybow
Billboard magazine

"One of the most thrilling debuts by a new band in recent memory."
Ed Hazell
Signal to Noise

"Fieldwork conjures up some wickedly intense playing on its initial release.  Spontaneous, energetic and poised, "Your Life Flashes" is a stellar collection of 10 songs  that takes advantage of the superior musical abilities of the young players.  Overall, this is a terrific disc, filled with vibrant playing and wondrous ideas. Keep an eye on these guys; their futures appear very bright.
GRADE: 9 (OUT OF 10)
Michael Ryan
Boston Herald

"enormously subtle... moonscapes of dense, rhythmically absorbing improvisation... this music has the distinction of being toe-tappingly accessible and yet, on a technical level, nearly incomprehensible. It is a highly specialized language, to be sure, but also an endlessly refreshing one."
David R. Adler
All Music Guide

"These highly revered session musicians explode with a volatile fury from beginning to end. They'll keep you on edge throughout!'s hard to imagine that three musicians - performing acoustic instruments - sans a bassist - can generate so much ferocity and power."
Glenn Astarita
All About Jazz


FEROCIOUS GROOVES... COMPELLING... rhythmically very complex...
Andy Hamilton
The Wire

Sorprendente y fabuloso... este disco no es solo estas canciones ni su conjunto como tal, sino bastante mas que la suma de estas partes, ya que estamos ante una obra de unos musicos que si siguen por este camino tiene grandes cosas que decir de aqui en adelante.
Jose Francisco Tapiz

...musica che non conosce stasi, in perenne movimento. é musica, fra l'altro, che riesce a far convivere un approccio moderno con il rispetto per la Storia. é musica che convince, per rigore, disciplina e chiarezza d'intenti.
Andrea Buno
All About Jazz - Italy

Best of 2002

Gary Giddins

...three incredibly talented young musicians... They don't play "world" music but it is global and at times interstellar, free and imaginative yet deeply rooted in African-American improvisational traditions, South Asian music as well as modern forms from to the Caribbean.
Robin D.G. Kelley

Structured freedom, order out of chaos, playing on the boundaries, these sorts of concepts don't quite tell the whole story of this extraordinary new trio's approach... they're "out" but their music draws you in... they've melded a sound here that has relentless intensity and focus.
S. D. Feeney
Face Magazine

"the cannily collaborative approach finds the three players mind-and-music-melding in a bedazzling leaderless fashion, working over ideas not to exhaustion but exhilaration."
Derk Richardson